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Financial Planning & Management

Legacy Creator

We help you create the kind of legacy that you would want to leave your family with.

Retirement Planning

We help you determine your retirement income goals, and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. 

Estate Planning

We help you in making the necessary arrangements so that everything you own, or “estate”, will go to the right people when you die.

Financial Education

We teach you understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it, and also expends it to help others.

I believe that learning to manage your own finances is important. Earning big money without financial management skills is a waste.

– Sheila Ong

Create a Legacy of Love

As Legacy Architects, we help you design and create a legacy of love for your family and loved ones.

Achieve Financial Peace of Mind

Sleep better at night knowing that you have prepared everything for the future. Financial peace of mind is what we want to achieve more of as we grow our family and businesses.

Families We've Helped


Service with a heart

My mission is to empower one family at a time to create a legacy of love from one generation to the next through proper wealth management.

I envision the uplifting the family’s lifestyle and live life to the fullest.

We believe that work-life balance is possible through the business that we are in. If you want to experience time with your family (not only during this pandemic) and earn a substantial amount of money.


News and Updates

I Cannot Commit!

I Cannot Commit!

“I cannot commit!”, a Millenial client uttered yesterday. She is currently working abroad and she fears that she might want to come back home in the Philippines anytime soon as she misses her family badly. Change nowadays is very fast and with the current pandemic,...

How to Accumulate Wealth in Heaven

How to Accumulate Wealth in Heaven

I am so anxious these days with what is happening around us.  I receive bad news everyday for the past week not only from the television and online media but directly from the people who are close to me.  A lot of my friends became COVID-19 positive and one of them...


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